We wanted all the right things.

We developed Klerely 360 because we felt something was missing from the collagen peptides scene. So we got to work making a collagen product we can honestly say is top-of-the-line and has all the right things.

Here’s what we did:

  • 1Eliminated the usual odor and after-taste
  • 2 Got rid of the clumping
  • 3 Used the purest, pharma-grade bone gelatin
  • 4Sourced and manufactured our collagen in the USA

Oh, and BTW, we’re control freaks.

We control every step of the process it takes to make Klerely 360 the best it can be. Every. Single. Step.

We use only the earliest extractions of bone gelatin, typically reserved for pharmaceutical applications, which diminishes the odor and taste.

Then our pharma-grade gelatin is filtered to neutralize any remaining odor or flavor and hydrolyzed to break down amino acid chains for easier absorption.

And we test at every stage of the manufacturing and packaging process to ensure we produce the highest-quality collagen peptides every single time.