Taking collagen peptides stimulates your own natural collagen production to boost essential biological activities. While the research is still young, there are many evidence-based benefits that you may experience when supplementing with collagen peptides on a consistent basis.



You could have your best hair day, every day.

Collagen peptides are high in the non-essential amino acid proline which is the main component of keratin that makes up 90% of our hair. And since collagen makes up 70% of the dermis layer of skin, where hair follicles are rooted, the stronger the dermis, the stronger and healthier the roots of your hair follicles will be.



A healthy gut means whole body health.

Collagen peptides may help you successfully battle "leaky gut" by delivering the amino acid l-glutamine which is vital for maintaining the strength of the intestinal lining. When this lining is strong, your gut is able to absorb good nutrients and provide a barrier to toxins.



Your skin could look fabulous. Again. 

Collagen makes up 80% of our skin, giving it the plump, moisturized appearance of our youth. By committing to a daily collagen routine, you are giving your body the amino acids it needs to create more collagen in the dermis layer of your skin. As a result, you may see your skin's elasticity and hydration improve, contributing to less wrinkles and more glowing skin.



Strong bones keep you on the go.

Did you know our bones are constantly regenerating themselves? In order for your body to rebuild strong bones, it needs collagen and calcium. Collagen makes up most of the soft tissue inside your bone and calcium provides the hardness and structure to the outside. Studies have found that taking collagen daily, in addition to calcium, is effective in improving bone mineral density and reducing bone density loss.



You can show off your manicure.

Collagen peptides contain the amino acid arginine which delivers blood flow and nutrients to your nail beds. And, since healthy nail beds support healthy nails, supplementing with collagen peptides has been found to improve brittle nails, increase nail growth, and decrease frequency of broken nails.

Convinced? What do you have to lose except wrinkles and brittle nails?

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